Measuring Our Impact

Measuring What We Do

WAEI strongly believes in meaningful outcomes, measurement, and its usefulness in implementing modifications to improve programming. WAEI is in a unique position of being able to collect pre-and post-workshop surveys on a regular basis with an average response rate of 92%.

WAEI’s groundbreaking college-age youth course provides the opportunity for further evaluating its impact as courses include four 2-hour lecture / discussions and essay assignments.

Surveys are utilized to measure the impact of the courses, events, and workshops.  University faculty aid in analyzing WMI_Logodata and a partnership with the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) provides WAEI expertise for facilitating effective evaluations.  Findings are incorporated to further strengthen programming.   WMI in turn is utilizing WAEI’s college course as 1 of 4 national case studies on recruitment efforts.

WAEI measures the following:  1) participant profiles, 2) barriers, experience and knowledge of the out-of-doors, 3) program’s effectiveness in encouraging participants to adopt and take part in outdoor recreational pursuits; 4) program’s effectiveness in positively impacting attitudes towards conservation, the North American Model of Conservation, and nature; 5) whether workforce training was realized; and 6) whether or not expectations were met.