Partners in Achievement

Partners in Achievement 

From its inception in January of 2008, through the creation of its first university approved outdoor field skills course in fall of 2010, to its track record of success – WAEI owes an immense amount of gratitude to those that made it happen, to the organizations that played a crucial role in placing WAEI on a path towards reaching the next generation.

The Anschutz Family Foundation

The Anschutz Family Foundation provided WAEI with its first grant and through the leadership of Sue Anschutz-Rodgers, provided WAEI’s staff valuable insight and advice on moving forward.

Safari Club International (SCI), SCI Foundation, SCI Denver Chapter, SCI Denver Sables, SCI Glenwood Chapter

SCI funded WAEI’s first pilot college program in the fall of 2009, has funded its family programming, and continues to fund pilot programs at each new college WAEI reaches.  Without their vision and support, it would have been impossible for WAEI to reach the 700 plus college students that have become a part of WAEI’s core programming.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has not only been a strong partner from WAEI’s inception through the valuable expertise and instruction of its staff members, but has also become a monetary partner, providing WAEI with funds towards the expansion of its college program.  WAEI seeks to expand its college course throughout the State of Colorado – to 23 college campuses in total.